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Clustr.AG - Charlotte's Ag Tech Hub

Cultivate the future of farming with entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts to connect, learn, and drive agricultural innovation forward

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

Ag Tech Founders & Startups

Charlotte's top ag tech startups and founders can foster collaboration and innovation in the agricultural industry, leading to the development of new technologies and practices that can increase productivity, sustainability, and profitability.

Ag Tech Investors

Discover and support innovative agricultural technologies that have the potential to drive growth and solve important challenges facing the industry. By investing in these startups, investors can not only generate returns but also contribute to the development of a more sustainable and resilient food system.

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Image by Markus Spiske

Shared Resources

Collaboration and resource-sharing between investors and founders in Charlotte's ag tech ecosystem can provide mutual benefits. Investors bring financial resources and industry-specific knowledge, while founders offer insights into emerging technologies and valuable operational experience. 

Community / Events 

Clustr.AG will host monthly meeting for investors, founders, and the entrepreneurial community to share their ideas, network and foster a growing environment. Dedicated showcase events will allow founders to demo their technology and collaborate with others.

Image by Daniel Funes Fuentes

Clustr.AG Startups 

The Charlotte Clustr.AG community is built together by the leading agricultural technology organizations and startup founders


Verenovo Energy

Verenovo Energy promotes sustainable agriculture by using biochar, which improves soil health, increases crop yields, and sequesters carbon in the soil. They integrate biochar production into their renewable energy projects for a closed-loop system.

Brewer Logan - Founder



AquaTree Eco specializes in sustainable agriculture solutions, particularly hydroponics and vertical farming, which use fewer resources and are more eco-friendly. Their innovative technologies aim to increase food security and promote a more sustainable food system.

Kevin Higgins - CEO

Cellular Farms.png

Cellular Farms

Cellular Farms is a company focused on developing sustainable and scalable solutions for cellular agriculture. They aim to use cellular agriculture technologies, which can have significant benefits for the environment, animal welfare, and human health.

Arash Amini - Founder


Rogue Farms

Rogue Farm Hydroponics uses innovative hydroponic systems to produce fresh, locally grown produce year-round using less water and space. They are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and increasing access to fresh, locally grown food.

Nicole Burnette - CEO


Rhize Bio

RhizeBio is a biotechnology company that develops solutions for plant health and productivity using a proprietary platform technology. Their products aim to enhance crop yields, improve soil health, and reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Josh Toal - Founder

KRTL 2030 GREEN.png

KRTL 2030

KRTL 2030 is the ag tech subsidiary of KRTL Holdings a parent organization dedicated to bringing together sustainable technology solutions for our future with a focus on farming, biotechnology, and healthcare

Cesar Herrera - CEO


Cabarrus Center

Concord's Center for Entrpreneurship


Tabbris Innovation

Charlottes Home for Innovation and Technology


TEHNS Coalition

Global Partner driven towards solving food insecurity

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